Photo by In Her Image Photography

Photo by In Her Image Photography

What we all have in common is our need for connection, our relationships and our time on this earth.

My goal is to create beautiful, dynamic images that are just as special as my clients. It's very important to me that I am a part of every step of the process. I live for pouring my heart into telling these stories. You're not just getting a film, you are getting a piece of emotionally invested art. 

More About Me:

-I've been filming and editing films in the greater San Francisco Bay Area for over ten years.

-I'm originally from Seattle and hold a BFA in art. I entered college as a painter but once I sat with someone during an edit session, something clicked and I decided that is what I had to do for the rest of my life.

-All throughout school I painted and drew figuratively. People fascinate me. Looking back it kind of makes sense that I transitioned naturally into documentary filmmaking.

-I freaking love dogs. In fact if you are reading this, you likely have one and have thought about how you are going to incorporate your dog in your wedding. I know I would. 

-My favorite dance moves are lip-syncing and acting out the song. You may see me do this at your reception with subtleness in between shots. I know ALL THE SONGS.

-I often tear up while I'm editing. That is usually how I know your film is finished.

-I love living in wine country. I often pause, look around and take it all in. I'm truly blessed to currently call this place home. However it's my dream to return to Washington state someday. Nothing beats Western Washington on a beautiful day.

-I wear black everyday. EVERY. DAY. Works well to have an entire wardrobe that blends into the background at your event! 

-I love food and wine. I live in the perfect place for it.

-I love coffee! I probably drink at least a pot a day. I blame my Seattle roots.

Well, that's my story. Let's connect and tell me yours!