A Couple that Made the Best Out of a Bad Situation

Irene + Richard

Irene + Richard were my second couple that also had a last minute venue change because of the North Bay fires. Originally it was to be at Hans Fahden but they scrambled and settled on the Allied Arts Guild. It's a gorgeous little gem of an oasis in the middle of Menlo Park. While it wasn't the winery feel they were originally planning for, it still had the unique, cozy feel that I think of when I think of Hans Fahden. Everyone had such a great time and the stress of moving their wedding last minute melted away. Irene + Richard had an "East meets West" theme (Irene was born in Taipei but grew up in Houston and Richard was born in Shanghai but grew up in San Francisco.) They love games and had guests sign Jenga blocks for their "guest book." There were so many clever and thoughtful touches to this wedding. They even had a first dance to end all first dances. (Check out our Instagram for a clip!) Sometimes life just throws you some unexpected stuff but seeing how this couple quickly adjusted and went with the flow just proves how resourceful and resilient they are. I was so impressed with them! The whole event felt light hearted and fun and I think the film really reflects that.

Meet Irene + Richard!

Wendi Koble