A Wedding 15 Years in the Making

April + Paul

How about something unique? A vow renewal! April + Paul celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary with family and friends at Rosewood Sand Hill on August 10th. April described herself as a "no nonsense" kind of girl and asked Paul to marry her in 2000. Two years later they had a small "no frills" wedding and this 15th anniversary decided to have the wedding they always wanted. When someone asks me if we can fly a drone during a ceremony I usually reply something along the lines of, "Do you want to invite a swarm of bees to your wedding? Because that's what it's going to sound like." Fast forward and the Mavic from DJI was introduced...a smaller, quieter drone. April & Paul's unique ceremony setup was in spiral formation to symbolize "a slow reveal of things that are hidden, represents coming back to the same point in life, but with a new and better understanding. The spiral can push the viewer to be flexible and trusts that when things change, there's safety, stability. Change is really the only constant in a relationship." And this thing was going to look great from above!! So we made it happen because it made sense to. Loved working with Rhee Bevere Photography again along with Jean Marks Weddings. Meet April + Paul!