Awakening Avalon: A Branding Video 20 Years in the Making

Awakening Avalon:

A Branding Film 20 Years in the Making


It's true. I film other things besides weddings! I'm a small business so I have a true passion for helping small businesses grow. However this was no ordinary opportunity. It was a branding video 20 years in the making. Let me explain.

Twenty years ago I was going to an art school in Seattle. I didn't really know what I was going to do...this came later but all my life I was told I was good at art. So I figured out that is where I needed to be. It was in art school I became obsessed with anything Irish or Celtic...I loved drawing Celtic knots...I made up Irish saints...I drank way too much Guinness. I was so determined to go to Ireland I started saving my money and working another part time job at a tavern to help pay for it. For whatever reason, that dream was put on hold.


The above picture was created around 1996 at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, WA. It's a two layer block print. 

Fast-forward to June of 2016 and I get a DREAM opportunity to film a Branding Video in Ireland! I finally get to realize my dream of seeing this magical place in person! 

Me + Gear. Photo by In Her Image Photography

Me + Gear. Photo by In Her Image Photography

In Her Image Photography organized and planned a series of portrait shoots throughout Ireland for several clients. One of them, Holly Hamilton from Awakening Avalon decided to take a chance on me and add video. When we first arrived at the location there was a familiarity about it but I really didn't think much about it. We had no plans...except for location. I had shots in my mind but after doing so many live one take comfort zone for shooting is creating in the moment. I don't think she knew what to expect and I didn't either but what we all created together was powerful and beautiful. Our shoot started out with a prayer circle initiated by Holly. I'm always nervous before every shoot. It's my perfectionism screaming at me...anxiety through the roof...but it also serves me in a way that it keeps me present so I just deal. That prayer circle was exactly what I needed in that moment. Holly exudes nothing but love and acceptance. This woman is extrodinarily special and I felt something that day. Something so powerful that I had tears rolling down my face. I wanted her video to evoke exactly what I felt that day.

I just went through a move a month ago and found the above block print as I was packing. I gasped! Is it possible that I dreamed of this opportunity 20 years earlier? Is that....Holly?! I would love to think so! This whole experience was magical so let's just pile on some more magic!

She really trusted me, gave me the freedom to be an artist and experiment. So I told a story of dark to light...a woman creating magic all around her. She also allowed me to fly a drone over her! Yay!

Holly's beautiful words and voice over were the exact things needed to complete the video. 

Timing is everything. For whatever reason I wasn't ready 20 years ago to journey to Ireland. Maybe it was this 20 year journey that prepared me for this. Holly's business is going through a very exciting rebrand so her video editing was held off until I could find out more but as she pointed out..."We created on Summer Solstice and you edited the video during Winter Solstice!" I edited the first draft before Christmas which is usually a very difficult time because I'm trying to finish as many weddings as I can. I love my wedding clients but since I got to use a different part of my brain, Holly's video was a welcomed break. Plus she mentioned that this year symbolizes new beginnings and the start of a 9 year cycle (I hope I'm explaining that right!) That the previous year was very difficult but this year will be full of possibilities. I absolutely know what she's talking about. I feel it. Her new website should be unveiled soon and I couldn't be more excited for her!  

I can't thank Holly Hamilton from Awakening Avalon for this opportunity and In Her Image Photography enough for organizing it all. I'm so grateful for this opportunity!

Sometimes magic happens and you get the opportunity of a lifetime...or maybe it's the woman in the block print that helped me to get there.