Brittany + Eben ~ Family-Focused Intimate Santa Rosa Wedding

brittany-eben-family-focused-int.jpg Brittany and Eben's lovely, intimate wedding was Swoon Films first official wedding of the year. I filmed their rehearsal dinner the night before at John Ash & Co in Santa Rosa. Every family member was responsible for finding a bead that represented Brittany and Eben's relationship. Eben's grandmother said it was very hard to find a bead store in Manhattan. The entire family gave a toast that night, some funny, some emotional, some both. Eben's mother told their love story so beautifully. I had about an hour's worth of amazing soundbites. This was one of those weddings I could have edited in a dozen different ways.

A theme was very apparent though, throughout. Eben, a gentle, spiritual man (don't let 6' 6" fool you) had a dream about Brittany when he was little. When he met Brittany for the first time, he knew he had met his destiny and knew that one day they would be together. They met when they were both going to Arizona State.

There were so many personal touches that made this wedding truly unique. Brittany's uncle illustrated wine labels just for the wedding. Eben's aunt officiated the wedding. There was a "ring warming" and each family member held the rings and gave them a blessing. Sandy, their daughter, who they affectionately call "Little" was very much a part of the ceremony. They created a necklace ceremony just to honor her during the wedding.

Eben even proposed to Brittany by having their daughter give her the ring box as he knelt down behind her. This was more than a wedding, it was creating their family officially and they made sure Sandy was very much a part of it.

Eben plays for the Chicago Bears and Brittany just graduated from law school in May. Brittany said,

"This wedding is really about our journey as a couple; we have waited a long time for today and could not be happier that Sandy

is here to be a part of it. We have moved a lot- back and forth across the country- in the last few years and had some personal and

professional struggles, but we made it out on the other side and our wedding is really a celebration of that." 


The Team:

Cinematography, Swoon Films | Photography, Diane Askew Photography | Rehearsal Dinner, John Ash & Co. | Catering, Park Avenue Catering | Cake, Patisserie Angelica