Christina + Jackie // Casa Real Wedding Film // Pleasanton, CA

Christina + Jackie

Another amazing Casa Real at Ruby Hill Winery wedding coming your way! Christina + Jackie are such a sweet, adventurous couple that really values time together and making memories. They both share a passion for travel and it was on one of their trips together, in Paris, that Jackie set up a beautiful proposal to Christina. This was taken from their wedding website: "On June 5, 2015, the final day of their two week adventure in Europe, Jackie and Christina planned to go to The Trocadéro in Paris at sunrise to take pictures with the Eiffel Tower. With no one around, Jackie told Christina that he would set up a tripod to take their photos. Little did Christina know, Jackie had something else planned.

Arriving at the top of The Trocadéro, Jackie set up his tripod and positioned his camera bag 10 feet in front of the camera. He explained that the camera bag marks where they should stand for photos. Jackie pulled out his phone and told Christina that her sister, Cynthia, was calling. He told her to answer while he went to the restroom. On the phone, Cynthia told Christina to open Jackie's camera bag, and then hung up. Christina, extremely confused, walked to the camera bag and opened it to find a folded letter and two Cracker Jack boxes. In the letter, Jackie vividly described his love for Christina. He went on to explain the reasoning for the boxes:

“In your favorite television series, the leading couple started everything with a simple Cracker Jack box. I think it’s very fitting, since we will start a new journey very soon. In these boxes, are all the e-mails I’ve written to you when we were apart [he wrote to her every night before he went to sleep]. I want you to know that you will never ever be alone. I promise to always be by your side. I knew it from the first day, and I know it for the rest of my life. I will always be here to take care of you, to protect you and to love you. I don't know what obstacles lie ahead, but I do know that you won't ever have to face them alone. We're in this together, forever. I love you for who you are and who you will be in the future. I would never change anything about you, except your last name.”

Christina opened one of the boxes and found a diamond ring locked in a red padlock, engraved with the words “Christina La, I love you. Will you marry me?" Jackie, hiding a few feet away, walked towards Christina, took the diamond ring out of the padlock, got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. Christina said yes... Or at least nodded yes because she was too shocked to speak.

After a moment of taking it all in, Jackie revealed the photographer, whom he had been in contact with for several months. The photographer was discretely capturing the unforgettable moment, while Jackie's camera on the tripod was recording.

This marked the beginning of the rest of their lives together."

Now that you are probably crying your eyes out after reading that, prepare yourself for their wedding film! Meet Christina + Jackie!

Great working alongside Hazy Lane StudiosSpintronix Entertainment LLC, and Zainab Ahmad from Casa Real!