Jenny + Clay Highlight { Family Comes First } Los Altos History Museum // Los Altos, CA

jenny-clay-highlight-family-comes-first-los-altos-history-museum-los-altos-ca.jpg As the holidays draw near I can't help but think this is the perfect highlight to share for Christmas. Jenny and Clay were planning a big wedding in August. When Clay's mom's health took a turn for the worse, the family rallied, and planned an emergency wedding in June on a Monday. They planned it in 10 days and held it at the Los Altos History Museum. I filmed this small, family-focused wedding by myself. The footage I filmed was originally going to be part of a bigger edit down the line. Recently, I got the news that the bigger wedding has been postponed indefinitely. So I put together this highlight just in time for Christmas. It's not the wedding they had originally envisioned but it was so lovely, intimate and perfect. This will be their first Christmas without Clay's mom. Please send love, light, and prayers to this special couple. Also, when you see your loved ones over the holidays, hug them a little tighter.