Jill + Jeremy // Half Moon Bay Wedding Film // Oceano Hotel

Jill + Jeremy

"I'll say to you what you once said to me: any day spent with you is my favorite day. So today is my new favorite day." https://vimeo.com/147527738

Another gorgeous seaside wedding in Half Moon Bay at the Oceano Hotel and Spa! Some of my favorite footage is in this film! Give me an epic beach cliff shot any day of the week! Jill and Jeremy met at work and the rest is history!

From Jill:

"Wendi!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The highlight WAS AMAZING! Jeremy was traveling for work and we waited to watch it together. (very hard to wait and have self control). You are so talented and our video is by and far our favorite, most important take away from our wedding.

Jeremy and I agree that it was the BEST choice we made in wedding planning and we are so happy we did it! You created such a magical memory for us!"