Kristen + Kamran {Dawn Ranch Lodge} Guerneville Wedding Film


"This is the man that made her feel like hyperbole could become reality."

Kristen and Kamran are one of the coolest couples I have ever met. So cool in fact, they even had their own logo! So much thought and detail went into this wedding that they planned themselves. Nika, their dog, was ring bearer, all the signage was completed through a few craft parties with the help of their friends and family, the officiant was a dear friend and a few Persian customs were thrown into the mix.  They not only planned one day but an entire weekend for their friends and family including kayaking, BBQ, a Johnny Cash cover band and a football game which happens to be a Thanksgiving tradition on the groom's side. This was the very first wedding football game I have ever filmed! I was so into it and I got my cardio in for the day! How unique! Dawn Ranch Lodge was the perfect backdrop for all these events. Casual but elegant. It felt like a summer camp for grownups! Unpretentious but beautiful. A really fun place for friends and family to not just gather for one day but for an entire weekend.


The Team:

Cinematography, Swoon Films | Photography, Jennifer Andresen | Venue, Dawn Ranch Lodge | DJ: Mark Haggerty | Makeup, Makeup by Brittney Lee