Liz + Dan {Destination Washington Wedding} Beacon Hill Events, Spokane, WA

liz-dan-destination-washington-w.jpg First off I want to congratulate my sister and my brother in law on their first anniversary! This edit was my gift and I can't thank them enough for being SO PATIENT while I tended to my business and clients. This time I was Maid of Honor. I have not been in a wedding since before I started filming weddings twelve years ago! BEING in a wedding gave me a very different perspective about how really it is important to budget for video. The documentation of your day is all that's left after the day is over. I myself, had a hard time recalling many events because it happened so fast and this wedding was only a year ago. Even my sister asked me in a panic if the vows were recorded because both of their written versions were left behind on the honeymoon. I have to say watching and editing this film was a bit of an out-of-body experience. I mean was my speech really 15 minutes long?! Yes. Yes it was. I had 37 years of stuff to say and she's my only sister.

I had to import a film crew while I attended to my wedding duties. Special thanks to Northernlight Filmworks for making the trip all the way to Washington from Indiana. However, always the artist I had to put my stamp on this wedding by having another shoot in Montana 5 months later where they met and fell in love. Oh and a couple of ring shots too! Time was of the essence because what most people didn't know at the time was that my sister was expecting her first baby! If I had waited any longer she would have started showing and wouldn't be able to fit in her dress again. Of course all the Montana natives in my family made fun of me trying to film in April when June would have been a much better choice. Yes, yes, I know. So we battled the elements two days in a row. Some rain and LOTS of wind.

My favorite memory was having lunch at the Buckhorn Bar in Augusta after our Rocky Mountain shoot. Wedding Dress and all. We got some strange looks from the locals in a town with about five buildings and we matter-of-factly responded, "It's laundry day." I bet they are still talking about it.

Video still, Swoon Films.


Another favorite memory was that my sister and I had some bonding time while I shot the mountain time-lapse. I think we had about three hours to kill in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. In between my random dance parties in the middle of the road, a car would pass by every now and then to ask us if we were ok. Montana people are nice but they think random dance parties in the middle of nowhere are weird. Then our cell phones died.

Special thanks to Dan and Liz (Beth) for getting into their wedding clothes again, not only once but TWICE. My sister even recreated her hair style...TWICE! How talented is she? This month is such a gift because they also just welcomed their first baby together into the world. I am an auntie and her name is Emily Rose. So many emotions editing this. I can't get past 09:05:09 without crying my eyes out. Every. Damn. Time. Sometimes you just have to trust your gut and heart so that amazing things can happen. Happy Anniversary!!


Somewhere in Montana.


The Team:

Wedding Cinematographers, Northernlight Filmworks | Montana Cinematographer and Editor, Swoon Films | Photographer, Liz Robinson Photography | Venue, Beacon Hill Events | Cake, Celebrations | DJ, New Beginnings