Romantic Rainy Wedding and "Mowgli Cam"

Rita + Ryan

I don’t know how you feel but rain can be romantic. Maybe that’s just the PNW girl in me. I know that rain can also be incredibly inconvenient, especially for a planned outdoor wedding. It’s also inconvenient and tragic when it floods towns causing tons of damage. Not only did it rain on Rita and Ryan’s big day and we are talking DOWN POUR ALL DAY RAIN, but they had a last minute change of venue because their original venue was damaged by a flood in February. That flood made Guerneville temporarily into an island. Sadly, the damage wasn’t going to be repaired by their wedding day.

Guerneville is special to these two. Ryan (and Mowgli!) surprised Rita with a trip there after graduate school. This is also when Ryan proposed while they were on a hike.

I’m sure it was disappointing to move their wedding somewhere else but Campovida ended up being such a gorgeous alternative!

They had so many fun details symbolizing their relationship. They chose a “camping theme” as they love spending time outdoors. The table numbers were named for each year they were together (10!) They commissioned a logo and cake topper which included their beloved dog Mowgli. Ryan’s dad officiated the ceremony and told their story in a beautiful but entertaining way!

One of the most unique aspects of their wedding, besides rain in California, was the GoPro they had on Mowgli filming the wedding from his point of view! I begged for a copy of the footage because I knew it was going to be priceless and fun to add to their edit.

Meet Rita + Ryan!