Swoon Films is Moving!

For my first blog post I thought it would be appropriate to start off with some news that I'm excited about! I'm moving to the Petaluma and so is my business! Change is good. As a creative person I crave change constantly. I think my name even means "wanderer," which would make sense. I'm hoping to put down some roots and make it feel like home. It's even fun to say, Pet-a-LOOOOM-ahhhh. It's the "egg capital of the world." It's not unusual for your neighbors to have pet chickens. I'm surrounded by farm land and will have goats as my close neighbors. 1010920_10151668806529421_386139864_nHowever, it has an adorable historic city center. I'm an hour from San Francisco, twenty minutes from Sonoma and forty minutes to Napa (the wedding location trifecta.) I'm right off the 101. Maybe my family will visit more often? Hint, hint.

Several movies were filmed there: American Graffiti, Peggy Sue Got Married, Scream, and Pleasantville.

It's also the home of In Her Image Photography. I've been collaborating with them so much it just made sense to move closer so we can have our world domination meetings in person.

My favorite thing? No, not the new Sprouts that just opened up, it's those hills. The hills that look like oil paintings everywhere I look. Have you seen Sonoma Country in the Fall? It's unbelievable. I never get tired of those hills.



Photos: Tara Baxagocsy, In Her Image Photography