Tacos Got the Girl

Diana + Jaime

Diana + Jaime met at work. Diana is an interpreter and Jaime is a family medicine physician. Jaime was new to Salinas and struck up a conversation about where to find the best tacos and the rest is history! So many fun details like the subtle baseball theme (Jaime is a HUGE Dodgers fan) and of course tacos at the end of the night because "After all, it was thanks to tacos that he got the girl!" Who doesn't love tacos? And who doesn't love these two after getting to know them?

After receiving their film Diana emailed me:

"Thank you...thank you for reminding us why we chose you to capture one of the most beautiful moments of our lives! With all honesty, we consider your work as art and that's exactly what you delivered! We knew instantly that you would piece our wedding together in such a manner that would make us want to watch it over and over again! My husband and I were very moved and our hearts were transported to that special day every every single time we watched it. My friends came down last weekend and they balled! P.S. We had a movie night when my friends came down to visit, they asked Jaime what his favorite movie is...he said, 'Our wedding day.'" 

I think my heart exploded when I read this email. Such a privilege to get to tell their story. Meet Diana + Jaime!