This Marriage is Forged in Fire

Lauren + Max

Lauren beautifully wrote this great story about how they met on her questionnaire: "I met Max crawling into the backseat of an Uber. He offered a casual hello, as I maneuvered past a half folded bench seat and more guys I didn't know. It was a rainy Friday night. I had been coerced by my roommate to embrace our twenties, ditch my PJs and Netflix date, and come to a party with some guys she had just met who shared her alma mater. At 25, the offer of "free wine" was too good topass up. 
We made it to our final destination: a 90's themed karaoke birthday party for a girl I didn't know. Outside of the car, I was able to fully assess the situation. Everyone was decked out in 90's themed attire except for my roommate and me. Max was wearing a white turtle neck, red and blue windbreaker, and gelled hair. I spent a good chunk of the night assuming he was of Russian descent. 
A guy tossed us some tie-dye headbands and our outfits were complete. Once communal booze was spotted, I became cautiously optimistic this night could turn out mediocre at worst. Little did I know I had just met my future husband.
The night progressed. Group karaoke turned into us singing karaoke. Group dancing turned into us dancing. From our earliest exchanges, things forecasted an ease in which we find ourselves in today. The thrill of newness mixed with an unexplainable nostalgia of two humans who've met a thousand times--it was an addicting concoction we couldn't ignore."

The connection these two have is undeniable. However this was a wedding I was sure was going to be postponed. Seven weeks before Lauren and Max's wedding, her sister and Maid of Honor Megan, passed away tragically in an accident. If that weren't enough, some of the worst wild fires California has ever seen broke out six days before their wedding. While I was evacuating myself, I got the news that their Napa wedding had been moved to Carmel and's still happening! To this day, I have no idea what magic Whitney Nelson Events used to make this happen...and she did...amazingly so. Lauren did so many sweet things during the wedding to honor her sister: a single sunflower in her bouquet, blue toe nails-a color Megan always wore, an E. E. Cummings poem on display, and she also wore a bracelet that used to belong to her sister. While Lauren was getting ready I overheard her mother say to someone else, "We needed this wedding." It all made sense then. They needed to be around their love ones and have something to look forward too. These two are some of the strongest people I have every met.

I'm so thrilled to have been a part of this wedding.

Meet Lauren + Max.

Planner: Whitney Nelson Events
Venue: Carmel Valley Ranch
Photography:  Sabine Scherer Photography
Florals: Max Gill Design
Hair & Makeup: Bella Bridal
Cake: Jasmine Rae Cakes
Rentals & Decor: Rion Designs, Encore Events Rentals, La Tavola