“Wendi and her team are great. They blend in so that you don’t even notice you’re being filmed most of the time and produce beautiful results. We had Swoon Films film our wedding ceremony and reception. They were a pleasure to work with, and produced beautiful video and great audio. Video can be delivered in different formats (e.g. Blu-Ray, DVD, thumb drive), and ours came in a beautiful box that even included a personal gift. It doesn’t get any better than this.

We met with Wendi and instantly liked her. Besides making sure she knew what we wanted her to do at the wedding, she also talked a bit about how she makes sure we have a full crew at the wedding, even if something unforeseen happens, which made us really feel we were in good hands. With all the preparations done beforehand, on the day of the wedding Wendi and her crew just let us focus on our wedding while they took care of all the filming.All the events (ceremony, toasts, etc.) are captured individually, and there are beautiful edits that combine footage from the wedding with shots of the surroundings to give an impression of the wedding in a short video. Both video quality and audio quality are great. One of the edits was made available before the rest of the video, so we had something to watch and show people while we waited for the rest.Wendi gave us several options for physical delivery of the videos. We chose to go with Blu-Ray discs to have something tangible, and also followed her recommendation to get the thumb drive - as she said, USB ports are everywhere nowadays, and probably will be around longer than Blu-Ray players. Everything came in a beautiful box, in the main color we had used at our wedding, and Wendi had even added a personal gift - mix for making purple drinks, which were mentioned in the story of how me and my wife met. This really melted our hearts. We really appreciate all Wendi has done for us and highly recommend Swoon Films." ~ Robbert

Julie Lesseg